Tuesday, 14 February 2012

More Stripes...




Do you need a reason to knit a hat? No. You do not. They are simple enough makes which engage the hands and leave the mind to zone out without taxing the brain or demanding anything except deciding what colour to work in.

I told you I felt we had more stripes in our future! The scrap cardigan itself had leftovers (leftovers of leftovers, you can't say I don't make the yarn work for us) and so in an attempt to finish all scraps off, I opted for knitting a hat or two to add to the woollen pile.




And there may even be more waiting in the wings, you never know....

*** *** ***


  1. Debbie, it's lovely! I have question for you. I've used my circular needles once (to make a shalom cardigan). For a hat, I'm assuming I need smaller circular needles, right? Or dpns? I'm more of a crocheter and just going back to knitting after quite a long while!

  2. Yes you get different size circulars. These I think were 12" then I had to drop to DPNs when I decreased. Thank you for stripe love! :)

  3. Very cute! I need to learn to knit...have picked up crocheting again recently, and am loving it.


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