Monday, 5 March 2012

Finch in Honey







I know. It's not even funny any more. My yarn addiction is waaay out of control. I could attempt to offer you the (lame ass) excuses I tell myself - the self-justification process part of my brain is an art form in itself. The words 'need' and 'worth it' and 'necessary' all play a part. Plans to knit just ONE more thing before I call time on my yarn buying; the economic advantage of knitting one's own rather than buying (please stop laughing); I even dig down deep and come up with a few human rights I'm sure this yarn buying upholds.

But you know what? I'm just a yarn-crack addict. I can't help it. I love yarn.

This latest splurge was bought direct from Quince and Co after seeing Amanda's lovely little "Annabel" sweater that was 'the very colour I have been SEARCHING for'. It's true. I think I have every shade and every varient of gold, honey, mustard and everything in between. This was one shade I needed to complete the entire collection. The only thing left that I HAVEN'T got would be Madelinetosh Prairie in 'candlewick' and as much as my self-talk can deluded me into most things, even *I* can't talk myself into parting with THAT much money a skein.

So. This little bundle of joy is currently awaiting the time when it is balled up ready to be transformed into a FLS. I've tried this pattern before, it needs concentration, so not really a mindless knit while the kids play, more of a bedtime knitting thing. But that's OK. The effort is worth it when it turns out right.

And then, when (hopefully) this yarn has been transformed into knitting gold I think I can put my mustard obsession down and move on.


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  1. LOVE that color...and the planned sweater also!! I have spent many hours drooling over ravelry:) My friend SAVED my glove project..and taught me how to pick up slipped stitches. I am trying to knit everyday if only for a short time..practice makes perfect!! So far, I have only allowed myself to shop at Michael's or Joannes for yarn..I COMPLETELY understand the obsessive is like crack..only warmer,and fuzzier...and MUCH better for you! lol:) Happy knitting my friend!!!

  2. It's probably better for my health but just as devastating on my bank balance!

  3. ooooh! i've been lusting after quince yarn for a long time. yummy.

  4. Nice! I started that cardy and my sister finished it and gave hers to me, bless her. I think once you get past the yoke (it's knitted top down) it's as much mindless knitting as your heart desires!!!

    My wool (which was the same as my sisters) was gifted to my neighbour who knitted a warm winter jersey for another neighbour of ours!! Is that recycling??

  5. I don't know about recycling but it sure is good community building! Yay for yarn!

    Yes I've been wanting this for ages. I can't remember the drama that made me buy it, but it was definitely to make me feel better. And it did :)

  6. Visiting from Soulemama Blog--oh that yarn looks amazing. I am a novice knitter and aspire to knit something beyond simple hats and dishcloths.
    BTW--"my so called life" was my favorite show when it was airing:)

  7. My crack would be old books, I actually feel guilty wen I buy more and shaky wen I haven't bought them in a while, it's true! I know it's a bit of a problem but hey ho it's not like it's anything bad...

  8. Ha! You watched the show! I was wondering how many people got the reference :). I'm sure old books are less costly than my addiction!


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