Tuesday, 6 March 2012




I don't think I ever showed you this, did I?

I made a sampler way back in May last year, and this cushion soon after, but never posted the results! Boo. Maybe it was because the sewing wasn't very neat. Hm. I was reminded of my neglect as I salivated over Manda's recent creations wondering if my penny jar would stretch that far (alas, read the post below to understand why not). I love the orange colourway of this new line in Treefall. It's very West Coast/mid-century modern and I love the splashes of pink in there.

For now I'm still getting a kick out of my own triangles, mustard and grey and everything inbetween and I must be very very good and not buy Manda's. ... ... it is a big ask. I may not make it.

*** *** ***


  1. Whenever i see mustard and grey together i ALWAYS think of you!! Everything here is pink / green / yellow, all pastels, i cant seem to get out of this colour code but i like it so its ok :-)

  2. I know. I bore myself with this colour choice but I can't get enough at the moment. Maybe once I get it out of my system I can add some pastels to my palette...


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