Monday, 2 April 2012







When you're in the middle of a Famous Five book, visiting a ruined castle means so much more than it usually does.

There are, as you know, secret passageways to find, trapdoors and hidden doors to locate, dungeons to uncover, perhaps some gold ingots lying around that no one else has found these last thousand years. You never know.

Running free with imaginations unfettered by adult-world knowledge of how things work, high hopes and excitement and a little bit of feeling 'adventurish' can lead to an afternoon of hours of happy play. Because, as all parents know, the best toys in life are free.

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  1. Salaams sis, ooh that looks lovely! My boys love a good castle but the really nice ones near me cost and arm and a leg, where is this place sis? Heres to a good few outdoorsy activities in the coming months inshaAllah; it's sooo good for the soul. All the best xXx

  2. Yes, looking forward to an outdoor life for a while!

  3. OK, it's snowing here today so I guess we'll be indoors again for a while :0/

  4. We've got rain, possible snow later....

  5. This is my very favourite castle - until I tried to take my my sister and bro in law there and it was shut until April 1st!!!!! Sooooo disappointed, especially as I had waxed lyrical about it for days before we visited. Anyway, I thought I recognised the beach now I KNOW you aren't too far I'll expect a knock at the door and help with the veggies and chooks...:)

  6. It was free this time as the shop is being refurbished. Yes we are a hop skip and a jump... I'll expect an invitation to your chuck shed in my inbox ;)

  7. Erm, your blog has blocked me... was it something I said??

  8. Nooo, I stupidly did a stupid Flickr thing and am now trying to sort it out. The first "warty" post coming up :)


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