Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Just a little bit of self promotion today, if you don't mind? You do? Yeah, well too bad.

ANYWAY, guess what?! Go on!! GUESS! Guess! Go on!! ... Well, this lil blog has been shortlisted for a 'Brilliance in Blogging Award' due the amount of nominations it received! Yes! I have no idea who these people are either! But I've been nominated and now I'm excited!

But now comes the hard work *serious face*. Now I have been shortlisted down to twenty in the field, I need YOU and YOUR circle of friends to vote for me. That's right, people. It has come to this. I am now officially a candidate vying for your vote and short of bribing you (cabdury's creme eggs do you?) I implore you to click the mouse for ME.

Listen carefully because now comes the important bit. I need you to focus. I need to remember what your mission is. You cannot falter. You cannot allow yourself to get distracted by anything shiny. You must click here on 2012 BIB Awards Voting Form and you must ignore everything and everyone else. Are we clear on this?? You must scroll down to the nominations for the SNAP! award and you must find me in alphabetical order number 14 'My So Called Life', and you must click that. OK? Look into my eyes..... you are feeling sleeeeeepyyyyy.... you must complete the mission.... you must make everyone you know do the same..... when you hear the word 'blog' you must spring into action....

Blog. Go.

Snap Shortlist

*** *** ***


  1. so did i....now feel I'm under some strange spell waiting for next command :)

  2. Yay. Thankyou! Jazazkillah. Your next command is sit. knit. eat chocolate.

  3. I voted! even though I am feeling sleepy. depressed again lol. hope you win.

  4. Ahhh, you're all so sweet :)


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