Tuesday, 22 May 2012

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Those nice people at Quadrille very kindly sent me another book to review:: Crochet Workshop by Erika Knight due for release on the 7th June, or thereabouts.

You may remember another book, Simple Knitting by Erika Knight, that I reviewed a year back in which I praised the simplicity, the lines, the aesthetic? Well, the same team have come up with another mouth-watering book which actually made me dizzy just flicking through.

Again, the concept is that of a workshop course in which you start at the beginning, making your way through projects with increasing complexity until you have amassed an armoury of techniques at your disposal. It aims at the complete beginner. Which is just what I am.

The knitting book I actually gave to my sister (I hope she's knows that I don't part with books for love nor money, Apart from love. Obviously) as she wanted to learn to knit. And now she's knitting. Perhaps she might want to write a review of the book and/or her journey to knitting to share. I do know that this crochet workshop is right up my street... I can barely tell one end of the hook from the other, and even though I have managed to hobble together crochet projects, it's more on a wing and a prayer than actual technique. I cannot follow a pattern, and anything beyond a doily or a square is beyond me.

Looking at this book as a novice I am immediately tempted to jump right in. The projects are some of the best I've seen in a crochet book, definitely things I'd like to make. The quality is also very apparent. Again, the message that simplicity can be awesome is driven home thoroughly and it gives one a sense of being able to achieve marvellous things with very little confusion. Definitely my type of book.

Projects include :: slippers, blankets, mittens, rug, shrug, snood, a dog basket (might make one for my DH), it goes on and on. There is a pleasing array of projects to sink your teeth into.

So if you're thinking about learning to crochet, or want to get beyond a simple square, then perhaps this book would suit you?

You can pre-order the book on Amazon today.

RRP £16.99
Amazon price + delivery £11.04


  1. Nice review! It looks like a yummy book for crocheters! :)

  2. It's a beautiful book. Simple elegance.

  3. mashallah...looks really nice!
    I have one of her books and really love it!

  4. I think she explains things well.


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