Monday, 21 May 2012

Home Bound



They promise us sun, soon. They admit this year has been a wash-out so far. My youngest still thinks it is winter and is astonished to find we are on the cusp of summer - summer. The fact that he doesn't believe speaks volumes.

I am tentatively packing the beach bag. I am hopefully finding the sun cream. I am sincerely making little prayers when I write the shopping list that salad is a good choice rather than leeks and potatoes (oh my).

I am ill. I spent all Sunday asleep. I am drained and tired and dizzy.

But the prospect of lying in the sun, on a blanket at the beach, or farm, or park? Well, I think I could drag my battered body behind the rest of the gang for that....

I am crossing my fingers for summer.


  1. Vitamin D and positive thoughts to you :) I know I feel the same way without my pal the sun.

  2. The sun has just peeped through... dare I hope...? I think my body has actually forgotten what honest-to-goodness sun heat feels like...

  3. We are sitting in rain and dark sky today and the rest of the week. I hear ya.

  4. It's been like this for almost six weeks here... I could cry...

  5. I too am having a hard time believing it's not winter! Nearly summer? Really? Lol
    Looking forward to tomorrow's promised sunshine.
    Sending love and healing thoughts your way. Perhaps next week we might have our ling awaited park meet up!

  6. Park? Ark, you mean? Park.... park... I have a vague memory of it.... I really need some sun before the last strand of sanity in my delicately balanced noggin snaps....

  7. We sat out in the garden today to eat for the first time this year. Apart from a few warm days in March I can't remember when I last felt enthused to go outside. Roll on Summer...I reckon we are due a scorcher :)

  8. Yes, without wanting to tempt fate, and as glad and relieved as I am that we have only half a drought now *rolls eyes*, it would seem only fair to have a full on summer until waaaay past October to make up for this year so far....

  9. It is amazing how excruciating those last moments of the season can be, especially when they drag on longer than normal. We had a long, long summer last year - massive heat from March until October and not a single drop of rain for almost a year - and I am finding myself dreading the thought of summer arriving this year. Normally, we would be a month or two into it by now, but I am luckily still enjoying clouds and a little less heat. Here's to your summer arriving soon and mine delaying a little bit longer!

  10. I guess we all have our different takes on it. Gladly it is summer-like today! Yay!


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