Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I Buy Flowers For Myself...





Because I'm worth it.

Actually, because no one else will....

*** *** ***


  1. Salaams D - It's most inconvenient you are not on Facestalk anymore! I need some fabric advice and I think you're the gal for the job. It's an obvious question....Where can I get nice fabric. Cheap? I've exhausted the minimal local outlets we have. Do you have a special online retailer? Hannah xx

  2. Faceache was becoming a bit sinister. I get my fabric from the US (see q&a about how to do that) mainly fabricshack.com or overrainbow.com sometimes sewmamasew but that isn't cheap, just very on trend. For none-descript fabric like canvas, calico, felt etc I go to the local market (the one nearest Wilkies) but some of their stuff is hit and miss. John Lewis do some Joel dewberry and Amy butler, but not cheap. Does that help? What are you looking for?

  3. They are beautiful. I should do that more often.

  4. I wouldnt get any at all if I didnt!

  5. I've made bunting from some Cath Kidson fat quarters and a few other bits I picked up. But the next project is a retro style apron and I have a more specific type of pattern in my head for that. I'll check out those websites, thanks x

  6. Ah I so need to do this, gorgeous flowers and fab photos. I've read about 4 posts and I'm hooked. Love your blog xxx

  7. *blushes* Thankyou. So glad you're here! :)

  8. what a nice flowers i love flowers very much


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