Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Real Sea Urchin Beret Pattern


This knitting pattern has bitter-sweet memories for me. I worked up this pattern last year as I spent some time at my parents' house as Dad was dying with cancer. Was that last year? It seems so much longer ago.

I remember sitting in one armchair looking at Dad in the other; my aunty winding him up about how much pension he was entitled to, and him asking me 'if it's not too much bother when you've finished that' to get him all his papers and documents. Of course I got him his papers straight away; didn't he know I would've brought him the world if I could have? I kept knitting this pattern up as he tried to work out how much money the taxman was taking him for, not quite sure if it was the only thing keeping me sane, and wondering if it would work out as I imagined it in my mind's eye, or even fit.

When it was done I was so pleased. I actually really love this beret. I love the yarn I worked it in. I love the fact that it really does look like a sea urchin (and who wouldn't want one of those on their heads, right? exactly). It is a truly satisfying knit.

These images were taken the Monday morning after I returned home. Images to sell the pattern is all. But whenever I look at them all I remember is the kids having their lunch, and me walking in to hearing the phone ringing and then listening to my brother telling me that 'Dad could go any time, come as soon as you can'. So whenever I see these pictures I wince. I don't see the pattern; I see the last few hours that my Dad was alive. They take me right back.


Like I said, bitter-sweet memories.

But, I do so love this pattern and am wondering if I should re-shoot the images for the store? In some ways I like the connection it has to my Dad, and on the other, well, it comes with a miserable story... *shrugs*

But I've meaning to do this for a while - just as a little memory-marker for my Dad - I'm reducing the pattern price for two weeks by a 1/5th - yep. This pattern is on sale for a limited time at the Vintagalia Big Cartel store. Grab it while it lasts!

A lovely pattern with a crappy back-story...

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