Monday, 17 September 2012

A Quilt in Three Blogs

Hand basting a hand pieced quilt so I can hand quilt it. I am actually insane.












Last week I eventually got around to doing something about a quilt top that has literally been on my WIP pile for years.

I began this quilt in 2008, and I had the silly idea that it would be done in a month. I know. I laugh too. For a couple weeks it's pretty much all I worked on, and I made quite a bit of headway on it.

And then? And then, it got really boring and I took a little break. And a little break took another little break, they got married and had kids and the break turned into... well, a few years.

So last December I put my foot down and got going to finish the quilt top off. And I did. I finished the top off.

And there it sat. Waiting. For me to get off my lard ass and baste it so that I can hand quilt it. Yep. I am insane.

The idea was that this quilt should 100% hand-stitched, as an heirloom piece (I had no idea that the quilt would take so long that I could pass it onto my own damn grandkids myself). And the hand basting part was putting me off. Partly because there is nowhere in the house to lay a quilt out flat to baste, and partly because I didn't want the hand quilting that came after it.

But one sunny afternoon, and a feeling of immense optimism and without another thought, out came the quilt top, the batting, the backing and a million pins and gizmos and before I knew it the quilt was basted. I have actually started the quilting (I'm taking a little break. I know.) and hopefully this quilt will be finished this year. Insha'allah. I have a little boy who has been waiting a long time for this mama-made.

And once that's done? I have a littler boy waiting for his version too... Lord have mercy...


  1. I love the colors of your quilt. And they are big projects to take on.

  2. oh, my word!!! first of all, it's beautiful!!! very intricate piecing, that i find so intimidating!!! the colors are fabulous... they just seem like you. second, i laughed out loud at how long it is taking you to finish (no offense!) and lard ass, really? i somehow don't picture you as that, certainly! i hope you are enjoying the slow stitching. i find myself putting things down that seem too take too long... (and i have several quilt pieces for tops that have been sitting for, ahem, a while.)

  3. They are huge projects! Oh suuuuuure it's funny for you! :p

  4. I have two beautiful quilts. Not finished. Started one in 1995 and the other in 1997. I was thinking of finishing them, but now I think I will sneak up to your front door and put them down with a note that says "Please take care of these." And then knock and run like lightening.
    Your quilt is beautiful, the colors are amazing. I have never seen that pattern before and I just love it.

  5. I started a quilt back in '07... All I have to show for it so far is a bag of cut pieces of fabric that I keep using for other craft projects! lol Your quilt is really beautiful, and I love that you're sewing it by hand.

  6. The quilt is truly beautiful. I dream of one day creating a quilt.

  7. Thankyou! I do question my sanity at times....

  8. wow!
    that quilt is absolutely lovely!

  9. THAT is a brilliant and beautiful quilt! And, I am not one to love most quilts. You have excellent taste in fabric selection and placement, my dear. A true family heirloom!
    xoxo d

  10. Wow, this is stunning. I love the colours and fabrics. Now just sit slowly over the Winter quilting it. I love the warmth of sitting under a quilt as you hand stitch. You have shamed me into thinking that I really should quilt one of my completed tops this year. Remember that if I am at the studio you can always come over and use the large table space to baste x

  11. I very nearly called you, but was too ashamed to. I juuuuust managed to lie the quilt down but the bottom corners were curled. Think I pulled it off. But you're right, this will be an excellent winter craft on those nippy afternoons. I timed this well :)

  12. It's amazing - I love the colours and it looks so beautiful and well, I'm just so impressed (and a tad, well ok, very jealous ;-)

  13. Thankyou! But it's just a symptom of insanity... one stitch at a time and it all comes together...

  14. If being sane means you can't create then I'd stick with the insanity.

  15. I've wondered about this quilt and have waited too....very nice! Love the colors...stunning! Lol at handing it to grandchildren yourself. :-). Can't wait to see wha you come up for the littlest!

  16. Goodness, you were probably there way back at its inception! I will try to finish it off! Already have an idea what the midget is getting :)

  17. Very, very beautiful. I think it's the colours that make the traditional pattern so fresh... good luck with it. I don't care what craziness people accuse me of, hand quilting is much nicer.

  18. Thankyou! Orange is his favourite colour ... had no choice there. Hand quilting is much neater but I don't think I'm very good at it!


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