Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Simple Pleasures :: Knitting with Handspun



Loving this process of spinning, and knitting with homespun yarn. I love the fact that I know the story behind the knit. I love the gradient in colours, because I know the fact that I carded three different colour of alpaca. And here it is displayed before me - black, cream and gingery-brown.

I love the softness between my fingers, whilst spinning and knitting. I love the satisfaction of handmade through and through. And finally, I love the product at the end of it! Such a sweet feeling of satisfaction in such a simple task.


  1. Salam alayki sister, I enjoy knitting too. It is very therapeutic. I am not very good at following patterns though!

  2. assalamu alaykum. Some stitches can get confusing. I find this site very useful

    hope you gain some benefit from it too!


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