Thursday, 13 September 2012

'Til Next Year




I think that's me done for canning this year. With no food grown to save, a stash of leftover jam from last year (I went a tad crazy), and fourteen 1LB jam jars full of rosehip syrup instead, I think I'll leave it there for now.

We never did make it into the forest this berry season for our usual bramble and elderberry foray - much to the utter disgust of my eldest who has declared numerous times throughout the years that woodland jam is one of his most favouritist jams EVER. Are the blackberries all gone now? I suppose they must be. I hope what I failed to do with bramble I more than make up for with raspberries.

'Til next year.


  1. You might still be lucky with a few woodland berries. The weather's been so odd this year that, certainly round my way, everything's been very late. There are blackberries and elderberries still out there for you, I think!

    I'm very impressed with all of your jam and syrup, I never seem to get around to making any. :)

  2. You think? In which case I might make effort to get to the forest. Just for my eldest!

  3. Your jams look so yummy!!! beautiful, rich colour. It just dawned on me (I am a little slow) that you might enjoy my daughters blog! She is renovating an old farm house! She has a BS in Art and an MA in English, and her style reflects these things.
    It is not a blog for I will send you a link.
    As usual....I find your industrious nature to be amazing!!!!
    xoxo d

  4. OMG yes I would LOVE the link! Sounds like my kind of blog! :) Thankyou for sweet comments yet again *blush* xx


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