Wednesday, 12 September 2012

From Garden to Table







We didn't have a garden this year. The rain made sure of that, but even before the appalling summer, we had given our allotment over to another homeschooling family to work in the hope of making use of the land which I felt I couldn't commit to this year.

I miss it. I really, really miss it. Which is a good thing. I think if I hadn't there would be something wrong, and I'm itching to start planning for next year. Gosh I haven't even got any garlic to put in over winter that's how unprepared I am this year.

But. We have herbs. Scattered in pots here and there in our garden we have a handful of herbs that we regularly use and enjoy - rosemary, mint (several varieties! taking over the garden!), sage, lemon thyme, dill, parsley and chives, and one of my greatest pleasures is walking around the garden just before meal prep and cutting the handful of things that we need. I love the smell of my hands after I've picked them; I love the mindful (quiet) wander up and down the garden; I love knowing that at least part of the meal will be freshly picked. There is something about tending and growing food that is so essential to our nature, don't you think?

What are you growing in your garden? Any plans for next year?


  1. I just bought a book called "The edible Balcony" by Alex Mitchell. I know it's way too early, but I'm hoping to read up on planting a potted veggie garden next year. There is nothing like that feeling of wet soil between your fingers don't you think?

  2. Absolutely. And there's nothing so soothing as watching things grow.


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