Thursday, 4 October 2012

As the Nights Draw in...





{All pictures taken by the midget}

Well, we seemed to have hit a hump in the season - whether we like it or not (jury is still out in my light-sensitive brain), autumn is here. The shift in daily routine has happened again. We find ourselves together indoors, by lamplight. In fact, the polar opposite of where we found ourselves six months ago as we looked forward to another shift in routine.

The summer didn't happen for us. Seasons seem to have merged into 'wet' and 'really wet' around here. We are hoping for a crisp autumn, a merciful winter and a promising spring next year. Surviving the light changes is big on my worry list right now.

Until we have it all figured out, we have this - closeness and family time by lamplight. I really do love winter evenings.


  1. It can be so hard when we are coming up to the seasons we least enjoy. I love autumn and winter and feel my best during these times. I don't mind spring, but summer is my least favorite. Days are too long and it can be too hot. The only good part of summer is it seems to be the season most people like and I do enjoy the smiles I see around me.

  2. I'm not very good in heat either, but the long days filled with light are good for my brain!

  3. I dug out my cross quilt yesterday, and our evenings progressed VERY similarly to yours:) Hand quilting, candles burning...I am not affected by the light change very much...must be all the years of so much time at work in the OR...NO windows, no natural light...HOURS...and HOURS...of my life!!! Any time out is good time!

  4. Well yeah. I guess that must help ._. I think I've been extra sensitive to it since the midget was born, but always had some form of slump in winter. Getting out in fresh air helps, allows me to enjoy the cozy evenings even more! :)

  5. PS glad my blog has allowed you to comment now!

  6. ... your Embroidery and Sewing looking good, for something like this I'm not patient enough. ...

    ... I'm already missing the sun-light, the summer didn't happen here for us, too ....
    ... hope we will see a white winter and not again a rainy one ...

    ... good night ...

  7. Yes, a crisp winter would be better than a rainy one!!


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