Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Time for Tea





I put together this little caddy for the boys. I'm always guzzling tea, sometimes the boys join me, but quite often they are left out of this goodness altogether. I know. Not fair, right?

After thrifting just the right vintage, two-cup teapot (and already having a thousand vintage tea cups) the rest of the caddy came together quickly :: we have three variations of tea - chamomile, fennel and a mix called 'bad weather brew' which smells reviving and warming (we're waiting for a gloomy day to try that one); a little wooden scoop; two silver teaspoons to make stirring in your honey a little bit special; and a strainer.

Now whenever they feel like a brew of their own they goto the cupboard, get their tea making accessories, ask mama to boil the kettle and they choose the tea, fill the pot, and there they sit with pot, cups, spoons and honey and tuck in. And like with anything which comforts it's mostly the ceremony of it all that is most satisfying.


  1. oh mashallah looks good...I love tea and will drink all kinds...although nothing beats the good old PG!

  2. Looks wonderfully comforting and soothing for the cold weather. :)
    Love your watercolour too. xx

  3. Yeah, don't want them on caffeine really, but agreed... the strong stuff is the best ;-)
    Yes. Comforting. Something to bond over now we seem to be indoors a whole lot more. (thankyou)

  4. How sweet! Thank you for sharing. Where did you get the nice jars for storing the tea? ~x
    And I truly love tea also and what a wonderful idea to present it like this to the boys!

  5. Hmm I think were probably off eBay if they weren't thrifted - spice jars. Just the right size for them. Thankyou for your sweet comment! I need sweet comments these days! xx

  6. Ahh, I'm there to write you sweet comments! Insh. Hopefully it's not the homeschooling jazz? I know it can be pretty stressful at times. ~x

  7. Not sure. Maybe the change in light.... Ups and downs. Subhan'allah.


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