Friday, 16 November 2012

Israel are state terrorists

You steal a land, you try to create an apartheid state, you demonise the freedom fighters who defended their home and you kill innocent children. Israel began as theft and returned as theft. You can lie to yourself, you can spin the news and lie to the world, you may even start to believe it. But truth stands manifest from error, and you can never lie to the Owner of the Day of Judgement.

If this is what your God demands then your morality stinks and I wouldn't worship a god that sick.

But truth stands clear from error, the pendulum will settle, "and he who does good even if it be the weight of an atom will see it then (on judgement day), and he who does evil even if it be the weight of an atom will see it then." (Quran)

Thieves, liers and murderers. You must be so proud.

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