Thursday, 15 November 2012

Surviving November Pt. 2





Spinning yarn by lamplight in the late afternoon. We're all fed, we've offered most prayers, and now we relax - the babes with books, Lego and K'nex, and me by sitting in the stool by the fire spinning a pretty coloured bit of fluff into something useful.

We spend an hour nattering, making, reading and just being together. I don't seem to notice the looming dark when my hands are kept busy. It seems this is what winter afternoons were made for.


  1. So beautiful Debbie:) I agree...Our winters here are brutal..we get record snowfall from Lake Ontario, and temps have dropped as low as -40..As long as I keep my hands and my mind seems to pass with relative ease..and enjoyment!! I am ALWAYS ready for Spring..and my garden, but Winter offers its gifts as well...

  2. I'm keeping an eye on iron and vitamin D levels this year too. Hopefully that will keep me going past the February Funk!


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