Monday, 19 November 2012

On My Coffee Table







And now, we put our fingers back in our ears and pretend the Palestinian holocaust does not exist, that black is white, that right is wrong and wrong is right. I am still angry. I am still full of pain. I am still seething at the double-standards of world politics, at the acquiescing of Britain and the US to walking a path of appeasement and agreement that just plain WRONG, if not downright evil.

This post is ridiculous in its banality, but as the saying goes - life goes on. Well, so long as you don't live in Gaza...

So what mind-numbing, pretty common ground can I offer you today...

The accumulated debris of our days; a visible litmus of where we're at; the things I find regularly on our coffee table. These images would once have given me joy; but instead they stand as a stark foil against injustice.


  1. I know what you're saying - and I agree - we can be outraged and protest and work towards doing/creating better - but at the end of the day, we have to live the life we are given and make the most of every moment - because it's a gift. And banal or not, I'm impressed with how much you can fit on one wee coffee table! And am looking forward to seeing what you create from all that printing inspiration. Wishing you and all those that are suffering in the Gaza peace.

  2. This is true. We can't let this eat us up. It's an unjust world and we can only do what we can when we can. And yes, the amount of crap that gets left on our table is truly a work of art in itself! Tracey Enim would be eating her heart out...

  3. debbie ~ i keep coming back not knowing what to say... not knowing what to say at all. the suffering is unimaginable.

  4. I know. And the helplessness can turn to apathy. Suffering of any creature is bad enough, but when it's suffering due to injustice, well it just sticks in the throat - to know it could have been avoided, but instead was willed into existence.

    I'm trying to take deep breathes today, do what I can do, pray for what I can't and refuse to be drawn into hatred and polarisation. All creatures deserve peace.

  5. It is heartbreaking...children. No different than yours..and mine...I am sickened by the violence, and do not see any solution coming any time soon...Carry on with the present. At least we have the freedom to do so..who knows what evil this new crisis will spawn..

  6. There's only so much anger you can feel before you feel empty....


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