Tuesday, 15 January 2013

For My Winter Babe










Islamically there has always been contention as to whether or not birthdays are 'allowed'. It's certainly not found in the example of the Prophet (saw), but rulings vary from country to country. As British Muslims birthdays form part of our culture and on that basis we have slowly succumbed to celebrating over the years, with modification. For one, we don't do presents - we have two Eids a year in which we really give it rooty-tooty and I think that's enough. Nor do I like the idea of self-worship really. So although we've bought into the idea that birthdays are something we acknowledge, it is a simple celebration here.

My winter babe had his cake, enough crisps to sink a battleship and his friends over to play. And that was more than enough for this to be a beautiful day. Because, truly, friendship and good company are more valuable than material things, right?

The decorations included handmade bunting, some tinsel, general table decorations, and fairy lights fitting a winter babe (the midget, whose birthday falls in the height of summer, has an altogether different type of vibe to his day), and old photos were rifled through to remind ourselves how far he's come, how little he was, what changes this family has been through. A wander down memory lane and a little twinge of my heart as I acknowledge that one day too, this will be a distant memory.

I do hold on a little too tightly on days like these.


  1. 11.... yes, hold tightly to these days and this season.

  2. Happy Birthday 'number 11' boy (our littlest insists he has a number not an age… confusing as he is 'number 3' but is actually 4 ;-) )

    Yet again I am educated by your blog ;-) I had no idea regarding the celebration, or lack thereof, of birthdays in Islam. So thank you, once more, for broadening my mind (can you hear it squeaking??) Anj x

  3. That IS confusing. Never liked referring to the midget as 'number two'...

    A lot of Muslims DO celebrate birthdays, and heartily so, but among practising Muslims you will find many shades of acceptance from the over-the-top angry brigade down to something in between. We try to walk a path that is right for us. xx

  4. Happy 11th Birthday to your son!! These years are flying by..you are so right to remember to add that before you know it, this too, will be a distant memory...I remember my daughter's 11th..now she will be 28 in March..Hold on Mama:)

  5. Oh my. I guess when they are that age you have to remove the bubblewrap and let them do things like drive, and go out in the real world. By themselves. :/

  6. Happy Birthday to him!

    He shares his birthday with another fantastic person: my mother :)


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