Wednesday, 23 January 2013





It's been cold here, and I've found myself reaching for my shawl more and more. It seems like a superfluous piece of clothing until it snows, and then the chill creeps in and then it seems to be the only thing that helps.

After gifting a couple away earlier this year I was left with a distinct lack of shawls, in fact, only one was left, which gave me the perfect excuse to buy more yarn. Right? (Does a yarn addict need much of an excuse to buy yarn? Or more needles? I think not).

I wanted something thoroughly warming and Noro Silk Garden was a natural choice with its silk, kid mohair and lambswool content. It's so thoroughly beautiful but totally necessary (IMO, see above) too.

This skein was colour 349 as I was attracted to the grey/mustard combo. I modified my "Impsy Pimpsy Shawl" pattern - leaving the lacework off the bottom and M1L and M1R isntead of YO, and every so often making a garter ridge to break the monotony up somewhat.

After finishing the skein the shawl was a teeny bit too small for my liking, and after raiding the yarn stash I found just what I was looking for - this Freedom Spirit yarn gifted to me a while back. 100% wool and it really brought the Noro alive by carrying the warming colours through the grey. Perfect.

And so, a new shawl, ready to be put to good use this week as we make way for a 'real winter' (as my babes call it) full of snow.





  1. I cannot express to you how much I love the colors and textures in this lovely shawl! So good with the color, you are.

  2. I love this so, so much! Would you be interested in taking a commission to make one?!! I'd love one that extended to my hips like a poncho.

  3. Assalamu alaikum. Knitting with quality yarn would make this stupidly expensive to commission - although, you could knit one yourself easy peasy! :)

  4. walaikoum salam, lol I am teaching myself to knit via Youtube video's, it will be a while before I can knit more than a long scarf! But I'll keep trying!

  5. One stitch at a time, insha'allah you'll get there...


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