Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Post Only Boys Will Like


This post is all about Lego and how I admire my inventive little engineers. Eyes glazing over? Call back tomorrow. Today is all about this::









Lego never gets old. It doesn't really matter which play-set or product it is, my boys will dig it. Chima, Hero Factory, Dino, Monsters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars - they don't care. Just gimme. And in that respect their reach exceeds their grasp:: we have only so much money, and only so much space, and only so much sanity and patience with Lego bricks everywhere, that they just can't have it all. It would be easier to move to the factory than to buy everything these boys of mine would happily munch through.

So they've had to be inventive. Wanting, but not getting, Pharaoh's Quest anything, the eldest pulled this out of the bag one morning last week - a pyramid, pharaoh, sarcophagus, goodies, baddies and scorpion protector (no, I have no idea what I'm talking about either, just repeating what I've been told) - all out of bricks and sets they do have. It's amazing. Truly. The patience they have when they're inventing, the ideas that they put together, well, I'd like to take the credit, but I can't. When it comes to ideas and creative use of stuff these boys of mine leave me standing.

And now, we're slowly getting into Lego technic, with one eye firmly on Power Functions. With the midget desperately, desperately wanting to build a real, moving robot at some point in his life I suppose Mindstorms will eventually play a part in our homeschooling life also.

Why wasn't stuff this cool when we were kids?


Of course, when they are finished inventing they do like to kick back and relax with their other obsession - trucks. Of course.


  1. Mindstorms was a huge part of our homeschooling life for certain. And at 13 my eldest did an OU 10 pt course on Robotics - no idea if it's still running - that makes the most fabulous use of the stuff. Highly recommended if it's an option for you :)

  2. Ooh I had no idea courses were open like that - they accept people so young? That's great! Mine is a tad young but I know he'd happily set his mind towards it if he knew it was a goal... techno mad.

  3. My son only sits still for lego. I love the stuff he makes and ugh at the days when I used to do e building and he playing. Best toy ever! Even my daughter just started up with it. :-)

  4. It is an excellent toy; I have no problems buying it because I know they'll use it.


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