Thursday, 7 March 2013

Way Out of Control


Like all obsessions, knitting starts off innocently enough. One pattern, one pair of needles. Addicted. Another pattern a different sized pair of needles. Twitchy, two more patterns, two projects on the go at once. Then it gets a little blurry and the next thing you know...


And that is by no means all of them. And I haven't even included all the vintage ones I own.

Every once in a while I try to tame them, place them lovingly back into their behemoth knitting roll and keep the tangle at bay for as long as possible. But mostly? *Sigh* Mostly they look like this.

Way out of control.


  1. *Shares a silent nod with a fellow addict*

  2. Can I just smuggly say that mine are organised into tins/old cocoa cans with crocheted covers based on size and then I have a roll for the circulars. I'm off to polish my halo.

  3. Our friendship can no longer survive. Never darken my chaos-filled craft space again. (I've got them in a roll now, but the circulars and their snakey vines are driving me bat sh*t crazy. If I didn't use them so much I'd bin them)

  4. Hmmmm a snapshot of what is directly in front of me right not will stand testament to the fact that my needles and hooks are about the only things in an kind of smart order in this house...

  5. In which case we may still be friends.


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