Monday, 4 March 2013

This Week






Our nature studies have been a bit book-intensive this winter. Car problems have meant we haven't really got out of dodge and stretched our legs properly for a while. The boys are tetchy for some forest time. So is their mama, actually.

Book knowledge can provide only so much, but the mornings we spend out there in it all? Well, it goes deeper and has a bigger impact and provides so much more nutrition.

Hoping for some real open spaces soon.



  1. When you get out there what do you do? Do you direct them in any way or do you just let them observe/play with out direction? Just wondering because I know I should get my boys out there too, but I'm not sure how to and if I don't give any direction I am pretty sure they would just play.

  2. A bit of both. I let them find their zone; most of the time as they're playing they're noticing just about everything. They like to build shelters out of branches, and very often there are half-built ones in the forest which they add to as they play. They find fungus and we try to find out what it is. Bird calls ditto. Sometimes I'll draw up a nature spotter sheet for them to tick - and that focuses them into 'find and explore' mode, and they'll often find a lot more besides, or something else entirely which they investigate further. Also my children are 11 and 7 and the eldest has always been keenly into natural history, that's his thing, so I've never had to chivvy them along outdoors. But when they were younger I just let them play as they want - that's a child's work and it's such an important part of their development all on its own.

  3. My boys are 9 and 14, the older one is in foraml school for the first time, so it is just me and the little one at home. It is still quite snowy and cold here in Canada right now but we live within walking distance of a conservation area. I think I will plan a routine of going down there several times a week once things thaw out a little bit. I am sure he will enjoy it. Thanks for the input. Christina

  4. 9 is no age really. It does them good to run wild sometimes. I certainly crave solitude in the forest. But hand drawn spotter sheets are always popular here ;)


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