Thursday, 11 April 2013






This is how I spent yesterday afternoon - an impromptu, but much appreciated, seed starting session. To be honest, I didn't really know whether or not I was going to keep the allotment this year - but plodding along, persisting and stubborn, and here we are - at the beginning of another growing year. And I seem to be starting seeds off; I seem to have made plans for extra allotment space, and I seem to have got lists of arborists ready to call. Maybe I'll get the seeds in the ground and maybe they'll grow and maybe after all this I will get some onions to cook and call it a going concern. It doesn't matter; the process of working in the dirt, planting the seed and watching it grow, if at all - well, honestly, it's the best medicine you could have.

Zoned out and tired through in a happy, not thinking-too-much about anything kind of way I feel as though I am productive. And then I get to watch the fireworks when those little seeds decide to work their magic.

I don't even mind giving up my living space to make room for these new babies. They are totally worth it.





  1. Our dining room table is partly taken up with seeds in trays too - I do hope they come up and that *this time* we can stay here a while and get a garden growing.

    I do like your planting tool thingy (I'm down with the technical terms ;) - I've been using various motley recycled plastic trays (that fruit or veg has been bought in - awful - why can't they stop with all the plastic :( but that tool thing would be better.

  2. Yeah the soil block maker - one investment I'm so glad I made. Never regretted buying that.

  3. It is a wonderful thing to play in the dirt!!! I am SO excited to begin working in the garden..Tomorrow is supposed to warm up a bit, and I am going to start the process of spreading composted manure through my gardens..Sounds fun, eh??? I wrenched my back opening the front door, (yeah, I know!) so hopefully, it will not be too bothersome to do the work I need to do!

  4. That sounds like good old fashioned fun to me. Warm here, and windy - such a late spring we can literally count leaves on trees on one hand! Hope your back gets better - there's not an inconvenience like it :S


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