Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Stichery Witchery



It's been quite a while since I've done any sewing. I think I've mentioned that before. Can't quite put my finger on why that is, but what once used to be an evening's entertainment is now an unusual occurrence. Down in the cabinet the machine has slept for longer than I care to remember - the space above used as a desk, for writing and planning and a new kind of work.

So I have no idea what prompted the sew fest that ensued last Friday. Before I knew it I was cutting all manner of fabric, and was thoroughly enjoying myself. Snipping here, stitching there, and everything came together most fortuitously in ways that make sewing a pleasure (the diametric opposite to those days when you've found yourself sewing wrong sides to right sides and arms to legs and that kind of thing...) - a real breeze.





And I was rewarded with this - a crazy, organic, totally unplanned throw top in an insane collection of colour and zing - not my usual palette at all. And it sits patiently waiting for me to decide whether I want to back it with an old vintage sheet or buy new blanket material to give a little bit more warmth for my money...




Will do a final 'show and tell' if I ever finish it off.


  1. What a lively quilt you stitched up!!! You must be feeling a tinge of Spring:) It is cold..very cold here, although this morning it is a cold rain falling, which beats snow..and the grass is looking a bit greener....SOON!!! PLEASE!!! Glad you had fun with your sewing machine...I love days like that:)

  2. It is sunny here these days, but only just so - we've had terrible weather recently - still snowing last week! Hope the sun finds you sooooon xx

  3. Always love your choice of fabrics. Delightful!

  4. These aren't my usual colours! Crazy isnt it :/

  5. It's such a joyous collection of fabric that you really must finish it. I had a similar back in November - I think it is down to being really starved of sunlight and colour. Fabric Vitamin D.

  6. It's sitting looking at me right now. I can't let this one get forgotten - too bright to let me ;)


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