Thursday, 23 May 2013

On a Roll



Next bit of DIY whatnot comes in the shape of this tray thingy. Again, this was thrifted years ago and has been too ugly to use, but in the back of my mind I knew it could be saved somehow, and with recent dabbles with paintbrushes already fresh on my mind it wasn't long before Mod Podge showed up to join in the party.

With some undercoat and leftover wallpaper and a little bit of Mod Podge thrown in for good measure it took less than half an hour and we had yet another Orla-fied item ready to use. In fact, I am hinting for breakfast in bed just to make use of this item...





And if it's any consolation, I'm getting as bored as you are with the incessant Orla Kiely references in my house. But what to do. She's ace.


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