Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Need for Fleece





I'm getting the itch to spin again. I haven't spun anything for a couple months now - other crafts have taken over, but oh I do so miss spinning. And it's shearing time, right? Maybe it's time to learn to dye as well... that would be good. To be able to call the whole process, from shearing to knitting, a total handmade endeavour would be very satisfying...


  1. it would be divine Debbie! I dream about this process everyday. Just did some spinning this morning - a Romney fleece - so much lanolin that I can see it in beads on the staples and my fingers wind up so smooth! I'd definitely second taking advantage of the season - enjoy!

  2. Yep, spun some BFL and the lanolin nourished my hands too. A little thank you from the sheep :)


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