Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Foray into Fair Isle

A start. And Turkish cast on. Get in.


So, over the festive period I managed to acquire a Kate Davies pattern package kit - with yarn enough to cover the hot water bottle that was provided.

My first real foray into Fair Isle knitting I was met with learning a new cast on method from the get-go (Turkish cast on, which is genius pure and simple). The pattern was simple and easy to follow and it wasn't long before I had knit the project up (sans pom poms. I detest pom poms) and was itching for more. So two new small hot water bottles were found on eBay and that's my next mission.





I even dabbled in combining my obsession with my childrens' - Minecraft. We'll see where that leads...

The juxtaposition of two obsessions - where minecraft meets fair isle. Oh yeah

What can I say? I love yarn, but this yarn blew me away. I just love it. Jamieson & Smith 100% Shetland Heritage comes in a number of shades and just goes on and on and on. With such pretty shades, and such a simple concept to produce amazing results (and such speedy delivery times from Meadow Yarn, oh dear) I think it's safe to say I'm not done with Fair Isle just yet.

Yeah..., about that fair isle obsession I was talking about ... Oh @meadowyarn you are a dangerous place


Oh no, not by a long shot.


  1. Nice! I love me some fair isle knitting and now I want a hot water bottle cover like that... with pom poms ;-p
    Thanks for the mention too... speedy parcel sending is interrupted only by pom pom making ;-) Also, I feel your Minecraft pain... I fear the obsession may never end!!

  2. A bad experience with brownie uniforms as a child has left me pompomphobic....


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