Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Secret Project :: My 'Office'




Oh to have a whole room for which only work and studio play were its only purpose. To have a desk, even.

Here I am in my 'office' which is also my bed. Hmm... I bet Alan Sugar doesn't work from his bed. I am surrounded by things which I am working on and sometimes, after rolling my eyes, I give a hearty guffaw. I mean, it's my bed, people. It's ridiculous how small and cramped I am here.

Lord have mercy.


  1. Cheerful photos and the embroidered birds!!! Oh my. Even though I have a room to create, I always wind up at the dining room table. I think it's because the room has a lot of light.

  2. I have no options. Its the bed or nothing :S

  3. I did an OU degree from my bed- got a 2.1 so here's to bed offices!

  4. Oh well done! Better a bed office than no office at all I suppose!


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