Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Bluebell Nature Walk - Spotter Sheets

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Pictures From 15th May 2013::


















Most years we try to mark something special about each season - something that lets us know where we are in this journey around the sun. For spring we usually take the time to visit a local wood famed for its carpet of bluebells - it's always a real treat and never fails to take our breath away, you could never get bored of just staring at it all.

Last year I was trialing the spotter sheets you see above, and plenty of people wondered if they'd become available at some point ... well, in a round about way they are - they are in the first issue of the magazine, and you can print it out as many times as you like for your babes (free for personal use). It is a simple tick sheet, or the child can colour the item once they've found it too. I like spotter sheets on hand just in case activity needs to be a bit focused. Free exploration is our usual gig, but when we're on topic then spotter sheets can keep them focused. Or (as the case here) they were prohibited from free play and exploring due to having to keep to the paths whilst the bluebells were out - almost a torture for them. Spotter sheets and a clip board are a pay off for that.

If you have used these sheets already - let us know how they went - and any photos would be appreciated to the flickr group - I really want to see TEND out foraging in the wild. How did these sheets (and the other content) work for you?

We hope you have as much fun out there exploring as we normally do. There is so much to keep little minds awed and forever asking questions!

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