Monday, 28 April 2014

Creative Bug

It was probably the Great British Sewing Bee that whet my appetite. It's been a while since I've made a consistent effort to make clothes. There were a couple of tunics run up a month or so back, but to be fair, they're probably the easiest thing to make other than a tote bag. They're like tote bags with arms. Wearable totes! Whatever. Hardly that taxing.

In my defence, it was on sale...

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Then I spied this little course on offer over on Tilly's blog. And for that price what's not to love. I signed up immediately and awaited the first episode - how to take measurements. Wait - that's it?? Well, I can DO that! Yeah, I can DO that so maybe I can make my own clothes?? The next few lessons I learned things just by watching the way Cal worked - how to transfer a dart pattern onto cloth - so easy. How to change a neckline on a pattern. Simple! After four lessons I'd hardly call myself an expert, but I AM now confident and enthused, and really for the price of a couple of coffees I'd say that was pretty amazing.

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I'm eying those patterns of mine up with a whole new look in my eye. I'm such a lousy student, as soon as a pattern starts talking Klingon I just ignore it and make it up as I go along. Not a great idea. But I actually think I have a clue now! Yes, really. And maybe an entire handmade wardrobe will never be in my future, but the ability to make a few more things with confidence? Well, I'm excited about that prospect.

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