Wednesday, 22 December 2010

It's Cold









It's cold; that isn't snow in the first pictures - that is hoar frost - over everything, all day. Beautiful frost flowers are forming over every discarded thing bringing a new beauty to the cityscape.

The sun starts to dip past 3pm and is gone by 4pm.

The days are ending with evening snuggles and some special TV treats (first Dr Who of their lives!).

Wherever you are, we hope you are warm!

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  1. those pics are looking great's your new lense coming along? Rx

  2. Your hoar frost looks amazing.We have the real thing over here.Everything is covered in just enough snow to make things beautiful but not too much that we can't get anywhere. Very cold though.It got down to -16 the other night!
    You photos look so snuggly.Love the bed shot.
    What did the boys think of 'The Dr' ?

  3. Such lovely pictures Debbie, that bed makes me want to snuggle into it. We have been so hot here in New Zealand, the wind has been blowing the last few days, hot hot hot Nor'west gales. I took the children berry picking and the raspberrys were basically cooked on the vines.
    Merry Christmas
    Hugs deb xxx

  4. Thankyou - the lens is great Rachel - everything has stopped looking dingy!

    Well, the snow has returned today Kristy - and how! We missed the worst of it last time, but looks like it will be shin deep by bed time...

    I can't quite remember the heat of the sun, Deb. Summer is like a lost memory. Berry picking - oh my favourite time of year - will the rasps make decent jam? maybe not if they are withered. I'd send you a snowball to cool you down, but Royal Mail would lose it...

  5. Oh, and Dr Who - hooked. They've been playing cybermen all day. Involves a lot of violence, cardboard boxes and wooden props for sonic screwdrivers.... ;-)

  6. Love these cozy images and lovely linens! We are having a very wintery time here is So. California. It has been raining since Friday!

  7. Oh, well, california needs rain, right?;-)


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