Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Missing Scarf Chronicles

One of the advantages of moving things around a house is that you find all manner of things you had forgotten about shoved under other things that you wanted to forget about. And when you are reaquainted it's like a little present - a new toy - a long lost friend - finding something that was lost is a good feeling. If I had a fattened calf I might be tempted to make it into a special occasion.

In this case it would be some scarves made for these cold days and forgotten about, and a WIP that had been destined to be frogged, but now is saved and loved. Hurrah.



This badly mangled scarf was crocheted in the spring, based loosely on a scarf from a stolen glance of one similar in Noa Noa. It's OK. I don't like my crocheted work so this may end up in the charity bag.


This one is one of four made from cut-offs of the Witney wool blanket I repurposed into cushion covers a short while ago. One for me, one for the husband squatter and one each for the boys.

Each scarf is backed with soft blanket and is the warmest thing ever.

I could have tarted it up with doilies or something, but honestly, it wasn't meant for fashion but for solid warmth.



And finally, THIS :: the WIP saved from frogging. I need to finish the seams of the arms and it will make a useful shrug type sweater.



I love it when lost things are found and re-loved all over again!

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