Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Come on in...

The Room. The New Room. I've been banging on and on about it for months and I'm sure you'll be wondering what all the fuss is about.

It isn't a big space or a trendy space. In fact, I didn't really want to show you it until it was 'done'. But really, what does 'done' mean? Are we ever really 'done' with any room in any house; isn't everything a continuous project?

So, please be aware that this room is far, far from perfect or 'done'. Many things have yet to find a 'home'. There will probably be a lot more reorganisation until things flow properly here, but essentially, this is how we rock this space right now.


The back door opens into the place we hang our coats and put all our shoes and outside stuff. This chest of drawers keeps everyone's hats and mittens and scarves and what-have-you. I have placed a large curtain (which will probably change several times til I'm happy, but right now this is warm) to close off the rest of the room from the door and shoes etc. and when you walk past the curtain and look left you find the lion's share of the room::



This is our new-to-us table, large enough to fit all of us and our work with ease and space leftover. Bliss. I have waited for this space for a long time and we are enjoying spreading out and being creative here.



Over here is the bookcase full of teaching resources and manipulatives, whilst the dresser is where all our art equipment is now stored (this may change if I find something more useful), most of it within easy reach of the midgets for when the artistic urge strikes.



In one corner instead of shelving I have utilised these thrifted, vintage suitcases for storage. This is where the fabric and textiles craft things are kept - everything from felt, fleece, yarn, looms, knitting needles/forks/dollies, and embroidery. Beside them is a thrifted sewing machine for the boys' use.


One large wall was painted with chalkboard paint. It's a usefull resource and the boys like to draw here.


In front of the chalk wall is another smaller table. Useful for when one of them wants to work alone, or to keep some work out, to dry paintings and to shove the rice tub under.



Currently this piece of string serves as our art line. Not pretty, may change it, but it does the job. Also need to find a space for the boys' own inspiration wires and inspiration boards.


When is junk not junk? When it's in the invention box, of course. In here are interesting cartons, nuts and bolts, pieces of wood - all ready to be transformed into their latest art work or inventions.


This coffee table currenly serves as a place where manipulatives are, erm, manipulated? Think this is going to be leaving our house soon...


Musical instrument corner. Boys not that interested in music, but they like to have a bit of blast on the keyboard once in a while...




Fabric scraps - multitude of uses from imaginitive play to sewing and sticking...



Play corner - dressing up and kitchen and what-have-you, facing the books...





Here they can sit and play and read.





So as you can see. A messy space. A space in need of new homes for many things, a couple of rugs (working on that), some organisation, but basically a space for the boys to explore their creativity and spread their wings a little. There is a lot of work to be done here, and a lot of work *being* done here, but messy or not we really love this new space of ours and the opportunity it gives us to be a creative and homeschooling family. Masha'allah.

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  1. this looks wonderful! i know you've waited long and patiently for a little more elbow room for your growing boys, and their work. enjoy! beautiful light in there by the way.

  2. WOW! What an amazing space! Your family will have so much fun in there. It's just lovely! I'm jealous!

  3. Aw, thanks Heather. It's made such a difference to our little family, and I'm constantly grateful for it!

  4. Oh please don't say that! Don't be jealous! Honestly, our house is *really* tiny and we're using every scrap of space we can in ingenious ways!

    Hopefully it will flow better when we get better organised, but the boys are getting plenty of use out of it!

  5. It looks great! I bet the boys love to go and play (learn) there.
    That wallpaper is stunning and I love all the chalkboard walls that pop up everywhere. I want that too! Hmn, can't. Got no empty walls.

  6. Thankyou!
    Oh the boys love it! It's their domain.

    I do know someone who painted a couple of kitchen units with chalkboard paint because she didn't have a spare wall....

  7. It is awesome - I love how well planned all the little areas are. Enjoy it! LIsa L.

  8. looking amazing D what a space for the boys to let rip don't know how you do it that home schooling malarky but I admire you greatly!
    Take Care Hon Rxx

  9. Thankyou kindly, ladies *fans self*
    I don't know how I do it either - but then, I *am* on medication... LOL

  10. Amazing. Fantastic, Wonderful. Did I say Amazing? This is so much more than a "play" room. This is a extravaganza for the senses.

  11. Wow, thankyou :) It's the room i've always wanted for the boys :)


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