Monday, 14 November 2011

Cosy Toes Slipper Pattern


I'm annoyed with myself. Having to put the ezine into still pause mode has made me feel like a failure. I hate hate hate not finishing what I start, but it's a feeling I know only too well as a mother with other things on her mind.

This pattern had been meant to be part of the Winter Edition - homemade slippers for any sized feet for you family. They honestly are the cosiest slippers I've ever worn, and after making a set for the midget I heard him tell his brother, 'these are the bestest slippers EVER, honestly - EVERYONE in the WORLD should have them'. I don't know if he was trying to rub it in because I haven't made the eldest a pair yet (hello, winter weather energy levels slump), but it was mighty high praise from someone who acually has detested socks or slippers on his feet since he was born...



Trying to salvage something of the effort I put into the winter edition I'm offering the pattern for sale over at my pattern shop. Currently on sale for very reasonable introductory sum of £1.90 (I will be raising this price soon) this pattern is one for all - you will be able to make a pair for your whole family with just one pattern.


And perhaps a free pattern for the tutorial page sometime in the week.

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  1. They certainly look very comfy. I love the colour combo. Lisa L.

  2. Thankyou. They really are so warm....

  3. They are so cute! But...alas! as you KNOW..I am NO knitter:) I do love the colors you chose also!

  4. You must learn to knit before you die. It's a rule.

  5. Haha!! Yes...I know!!! Although, at times I think I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head! Today...sewing:) I hope you have a most enjoyable day too:)


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