Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Time to Knit


#vscocam stitch markers make it all better

#vscocam the start of messy afternoons in front of the fire

Right now

Afternoon fun

More and more afternoons are spent here, doing this.

The boys commence marathon checkers and chess sessions, I sit with a cuppa near and knit. The eldest closes the curtains, puts on the lamps, declares 'this is the cosiest room EVER' and settles into the rhythm of s l o w i n g down, remembering the routine that we fall into at this time of year.

Even though I try to hold on to my sanity at this time of year, I have to admit, these afternoons are pretty sweet.


  1. I love lace knitting! What are you making?
    This time of year is so lovely, I really enjoy to be inside with a candle and some knitting. The kids feel cozy too, as they snuggle up and play with pillows. Everything gets more concentrated on us, as a family, and less on the 'outside world'. After summer, I'm always ready for that.
    I started reading your blog a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it! Thanks..

  2. I'm working up a pattern for mitts with no idea if it will work or not. If it does I'll blog the pattern. Yes we do get more connected as a family this time of year... mostly that's a good thing ;)
    Glad to meet you! Thanks for stopping by :)


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