Wednesday, 25 September 2013

By Lamplight

By lamplight


Lessons in chess

Not to labour the point, but I mentioned we're finding our way here more and more?

Lessons in chess and a battle of minds. I appreciate these calm games after years of daily house-wrecking.


  1. Just want to let you know I'm thinking of you as your sun turns away. I find winter harder and harder to bear as each year passes. It's not so much the cold - I quite like the cold and love wearing knits and knitting - but I loathe the short dark days. And the endless days of grey, grey, grey. Even now with spring bursting upon us, I look at the newly greened trees and shudder when think of their leaves changing again in six months. Definitely need to perfect that living in the moment thing :-). Anyways - if it is of any comfort at all - you are not alone Debbie. P.s. With regard to your quilt basting dilemma - does your local library have group work rooms with big tables - could you book one of them for a few hours? Or your local university library - they would almost certainly have group work rooms - you could sneak in there maybe? I took a quilt top to uni recently - it was brilliant! because I totally get your pokey house pain too! Wishing you a great day :-)

  2. I'm finding winter harder each year too. I seem to tread water instead of living... perhaps one day it will be a test behind me, but right now.... oyyyy.
    No, I know of no room to baste so I'm halting all quilting making until further notice!


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